Jonathan Moore

Creative, Builder, Designer


My name is Jonathan Moore and I like to design and build things. Artwork, Websites, Apps, Furniture, Gardens, Sets, Cars & Trucks, etc. Some things I build can even turn out terrible. But I keep going and thankfully I tend to get it right. Creating and building is like a disease and I can't turn it off. I love working with new teams, in new environments and in new creative landscapes.

I've an unusual background. My first career began at the age of 16 as a professional ballroom dance teacher. By the time I was 21, I'd opened up my first school and I was the youngest franchisee ever for Fred Astaire Dance Studios. A few years later, I hopped upon the national housing bandwagon and jumped into land development. In the market bubble crash of ’06-'07, I lost everything. Good thing too, I’d been secretly harboring ambitions to join the military for a few years up to that point.

So, I joined the US Army as a 14J (I maintained the operating system for the Patriot Missile System.) I really loved and enjoyed that. Before you go thinking I was a hot shot in the US Army, I had a security clearance and since we were working in code and computers for the missile intelligence operations, we were essentially the ‘nerds’ of the Army.

While still in the Army and after I got out, I began finishing up my degree in Interactive Media and Web Design at The Art Institute of Austin, TX. During this time I began to support myself freelancing in web design and interactive media. I am proud to have worked on many projects over my career, with some fantastic clients

I've managed multiple projects and teams and I'm excellent at delivering within deadlines. Thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter and for your consideration.

What I Can Do

Web Design

Creating Imaginative and Functional websites that are responsive and balanced. Taking into consideration UI and UX design elements in all of my interactive media projects.

Interactive Media

Content is EVERYTHING. No longer is just having a web presence good enough. A website must be engaging and encourage visitors to explore through the content and media they engage in. Having fantastic content is just a another part of this process.


I love taking pictures. In many cases it can make or break a website. Knowing just how to capture and format images, that are best showcased on your website, is my one of specialties.

Video Production

Let's face it, the future of the Internet is on TV. Are you going to be ready?

Graphic Design, After Effects & Audio

Knowing how to create mock-ups and functionality are core skills of any content developer. How everything fits together as a chorus of offerings is an entirely different process.

Product Development

I Love inventing new things. Much of my work lately has been Agricultural (which is where the tech future is headed) but I also like Robots and AI too!



There Are Two Things I Don't Like: Change and The Way Things Are.

  • Work experience

  • Agrowbot Trays

    Project Architect
    Product Visual Design Strategy and Execution.
    Product Development: Created Product, Built Infrastructure, Brand Design, Implemented Educational Resources for Customers, Vendors and Employees.
    Developed all digital and print marketing assets and compositions.
    UX/UI to be used in eCommerce.
    Responsible for all: Marketing Analysis Proposal(s), Business Development, Vendor Management, Distributer Relations, Manufacturing, SEO, Google and Ad Words Marketing.
    Created all product videos and images in house, in a studio setting (in the back of the warehouse).Storyboarded and Directed most Photo & Video Production content used and responsible for converting all content assets into digital media or web assets.
    Manufacturer of Agrowbot Trays. Manufacture, Production, Marketing, Brand Development, Web Site Development(eCommerce), Product Development, Etc.

  • YFP - Web Design & Interactive Media

    Interactive Media Design and Development
    Expert in Responsive Web Design(s).
    Extensive Ui and Ux design(s) and implementations.
    Original Programing for Web or App Applications.
    Click through wire framing and mockups.
    Designed, developed, and administered interactive web based business intelligence tools.
    Storyboarded and Directed most Photo & Video Production content used and responsible for converting all content assets into digital media or web assets.
    Branding and Product relaunch.
    Full Stack Development support for Web & Interactive Media Projects.
    Interactive Electronics, OG Patents and Ideas.
    Graphic Mock-ups and Original Design Branding.

  • United States Army

    14J Patriot Missile Operating System Programmer.
    Coordinate Air Defense Radar Missile Systems with incoming "friendly or foe" designations.
    Systems maintenance and software troubleshooting.
    Patriot Missile Systems w/ Security Clearance.
    Analyzed current department procedures and presented improvements, leading to the development of new systems training, and practices.
    Planned, constructed, and maintained SQL Server application databases and objects for the Patriot Missile System(s).
    Making sure the Patriot Missile Operating System was functioning and working properly.
    Running diagnostics and code samples against printed database catalog(s) for errors.

  • Land Development & Acquisitions

    Business Development
    Real Estate Sales, Marketing & Acquisitions (Land, Lot, Commercial and Residential).
    Marketing Analysis, Demographics and Land Acquisitions for investment.
    Team Leader.
    Project Clients: Hills Communities, Summit Commercial Properties, Bluegreen Vacation Resorts and American Land Corp.

  • Fred Astaire Ballroom Dance Studios (Franchisee)

    Franchisee, Owner & Operator.
    Sales, Marketing, Event Coordination and Organization of all Studio Functions.
    Hiring & Training of Staff and Teachers.
    Strong(est) Sales Leader. Set Record For Customer Retention For The Franchise in 2001 (out of 300+ Schools) at 88%. *Record still stands.

  • Education

  • B.S. - Art Institute of Austin, TX

    Bachelors of Science - Web Design and Interactive Media
    Minor: Video Production & Photography

  • 14J - Advanced Individual Training US Army

    Air Command Patriot Missile Operations and Tactical Operation center enhanced operator maintainer.
    Early Warning System Section Chief for a Patriot Air and Missile Defense Firing Battery organic to (BDE) with a worldwide contingency mission in support of (HEU); responsible for the operation and supervision of organizational AD C4I system, establish and participate in unit level training for crew certification programs and air defense exercises


Interactive Media and Web Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design
Responsive Design
HTML, CSS, Javascript
Bootstrap, Wordpress, J'query, Ajax


  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital Wire-Frames
  • Front End Development
  • Project Management
  • Visual Design
  • Prototypes and Workflows

Fast Turn Around

  • Graphic Mock-ups
  • Motion Graphics
  • Navigation Models
  • Interaction Design
  • Interactive Electronics & Media

Adobe Creative Suite





Experience Design


After Effects






App Development


Photo/Video Assets


Just for Fun

  • eLearning Application Development
  • Classic Cars
  • Photo and Video Production
  • Furniture Design



years experience


Projects Coordinated


Original Ideas


Preliminary Patents


Employees Managed


Cars Built


Video Productions


Photographs Taken


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